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7x08 - Sleeper

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Is it because we got the 89 vision?

And is it because it’s a unanimous decision?

You got ganked by your girl 

Boy you know it hurts,

Now she’s mine 

Oh no 

Nine nine

Oh you should see what your young daughter do,

What she can do

Thanks for teaching her all those dirty little things you can do

I taught a couple tricks that are new

I hope you enjoy them when they get back to you hey!

You got ganked by your girl,

Boy you know it hurts,

You got ganked my your girl

Have you ever, have you ever, have you ever seen a little porno queen?

Oh, Ron Jeremy, yeah

Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron 

Reggae music extracts simply one voice, one voice

Oh, a rebel or not you make a decision, make a decision

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In memory of Sublime and Brad Nowell, today is Bradley’s 46th birthday. Thank you for the great music, dedication, and inspiration.

"The day that I die, will be the day that I shut my mouth and put down my guitar." - that day came too soon. Way too soon.

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